Ultra Sun wont work

i recenly got a rom for citra and when i try to open it i get a fatal error with this in the log:
[ 0.000000] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:154: Fatal error
[ 0.000004] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:156: Fatal error type: Generic
[ 0.000005] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:134: PID: 0x0000000B
[ 0.000006] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:136: REV: 0x00000000_0x0000F21D
[ 0.000008] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:138: TID: 0x00000000_0x00000000
[ 0.000009] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:140: AID: 0x00000000_0x00000000
[ 0.000009] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:141: ADR: 0x00168DD8
[ 0.000010] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:144: RSL: 0xC8804464
[ 0.000010] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:145: Level: 25
[ 0.000011] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:146: Summary: 4
[ 0.000012] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:147: Module: 17
[ 0.000012] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:148: Desc: 100
[ 0.000044] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:167: Datetime: 2019/01/30 21:06:46
if anyone can help that would be great.
Thank You!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Your log is incomplete, change ‘Global Log Filter’ from *:Critical to *:Info on Emulation > Configure > General > Debug, run your game, reproduce the issue and upload your log again.

Here is the new log
citra_log.txt (30.3 KB)

I found some issues in that log that need resolving: