Unable to install update for Mario Strikers

Hello all, just a small problem here. Yesterday I got Mario Strikers (cartridge), so I got out the Switch I use for dumping, and dumped the .xci. I also dumped the update for Strikers, and while I had the switch out, I dumped the lasted firmware 14.1.2.

Strikers works on Yuzu with the mod, but I wasnt able to install the update. What would make an update not install? I was thinking it could be a bad dump, but it worked fine on Ryujinx, it updated Strikers there.

I’ve never had an issue with updates or dlc not installing, they have always worked out fine.

One thing to note is that I did update Yuzu a few days ago. The maintenance tool wasn’t working, so I deleted the Yuzu folder in the local data, and reinstalled (someone recommended this on reddit). I was able to update to the latest version, so I’m on Yuzu 1114. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

Be sure to play the game updated on console for a bit then try again with the key dump. Another thing you can try is deleting any autogenerated title key in yuzu keys folder.

Sounds good, thank you. I did just try deleting the auto generated title keys, no difference. I’ll try playing it a bit on that switch and redumping. Thank you!

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Ok so I did find out why, and I wanted to post the solution here for any that may have trouble in the future.

I did redump my keys, but it wasnt working. Last night actually, I just restarted the process and redumped the game, updates, firmware, and I also dumped some other games that I dont intend on playing on yuzu, but just to sort of trouble shoot if they would have the same issue. I still couldnt get the Strikers update to install. I also noticed the prod.keys was the exact same size as the key I previously dumped.

After some googling, I did see that an update failing to install on yuzu was linked to prod.keys. I remembered that when I first homebrewed, I was on the 13.x.x firmware. At a later time I updated the version of atmosphere and hekate to dump something else and becuase my switches firmware had been updated, but I never updated lockpickRCM.

I figured it was worth a try, so put the latest version of lockpickRCM, redumped my keys, and saw the prod.keys had increased in size with the newer version on lockpickRCM. I popped that into yuzu, and strikers updated just fine.

Ah fair enough outdated payloads can def cause oddity. Glad you sorted it out though!

I just have a brief question about yuzu and ryujinx.

Even though I redumped my prod.keys, it didnt work until I dumped my keys with the latest version of lockpickRCM.

Before I figured out the issue however, I was able to install the update on ryujinx. What would be the reason the game updated no issue on ryujinx with the old prod.keys? Its like it didnt even matter, but with yuzu it was totally necessary. I’m just wondering what the difference is between the two emulators in this regard.

It could be a difference in how each emulator handles file system emulation.