(Unable to join host) And how to fix it

It is probably because of Windows firewall, Just follow the steps and find which is version is yours or go try it your self here is the link (it will allow a rule to somewhat by pass the firewall and it will allow you to be seen by other devices or some sort)
(Make sure to do it on both devices because the other device that you haven’t configure cannot receive pings)(In short do it on both devices)Enjoy:3 If It doesn’t work It must be your router settings or Your ISP Or internet service provider?.. It is because Some ISP Does and does not enable port forwarding which will not allow you to create any local lan WiFi games, some people said they can enable it by asking your ISP provider And just maybe they’ll say yes and enable Port forwarding) Anyways good luck :3

Btw you can test/ping your devices if they can see your devices by:Pingging them

You should Get the Ipv4 Address of The other device so that you would know what Ip You would be Pingging, You can do that by:

Go to Commnd prompt And Type “Ipconfig”
(No space just type it)
Once you see Ipv4 Address (Bottomest Part that is something like xxx.xxx.xxx or 198.677.998 (This is only a refference)

Type:“Ping"Space"Your Ipv4 address” Then after that, after you see this:
(Refference Use only)
Then your good to go but! Check the other device ping it too. If you don’t see successful then try to do the steps on the Windows firewall topic above again… But alas if it doesn’t work try hotspot It has A better chance to let you play and host local game. Anyways Good luck :3