Unable to retrieve tokens

i have been getting the same error even tho i tried it on pc and android

same for me on pc and phone, I just want my dang token

I have the same problem

The issue should’ve been resolved. Please try to retrieve your tokens again.

still doesnt work! whyyy

Just made my account and i’m having the same issue… any help?

Both of you please try again. The issue should be mostly resolved now.

i am getting the error still

Yea, checked back with the maintainer. Seems like there’s some issue over on the website provider’s side of things. We’re hoping it’ll get resolved sometime soon.

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@bmoney3700 @Danielp533 @OliverTaylor
Please make a small edit to your user profile. That should update the backend to generate a new token for you guys. Try retrieving your token again afterwards. It should work now.