Unable to update Yuzu early access

Hi, I’m unable to update Yuzu. It do not update itself when I launch Yuzu. I tried with the maintenance tool or by using the installer on the yuzu download page. I also tried modify with the maintenance tool. It says there is no update even if there is one or I get an error message. Unable to open file handle: Os { code: 80, kind: AlreadyExists, message: “The file exists.” }.

. And here is the log file and the installer log file. yuzu_installer.log (2.6 KB) yuzu_log.txt (4.0 KB) Last time I did manage to update yuzu by uninstalling it and by deleting every yuzu folder in appdata folder. But it’s kind of annoying having to uninstall when you could update by just pressing a button. I’m running latest windows 10, 9900ks, 2080 ti, I now have yuzu 161, nvidia driver is 442.19. My patreon payement is still active. I just would like to be able to update yuzu easily as it’s suppose to be. Thanks

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Try cleaning the contents of only C:\Users\huard\AppData\Local\yuzu\ and try again. Don’t delete the one on Roaming as that contains the “user” data, which is transferable between versions.

I tried what you said and it worked. I deleted all yuzu’s files in appdata/local and used modify in the maintenance tool. It created a shortcut on my desktop but this shortcut gives me an error.
Failed to complete framework shutdown - Unable to start application: Os { code: 740, kind: Other, message: “The requested operation requires elevation.” }

Please upload the log file (in C:\Users\huard\AppData\Local\yuzu) to the yuzu team
I will know if I can update when the next version is out. Yuzu is working with the exe or with a created shortcut from the exe. I don’t know what happened, since the new early access installer I had trouble with yuzu update. I wonder if I’m the only one or if lots of peoples have this issue. Anyway thanks if the issue’s not resolve for the next update I’ll write down another message. Here the installer log yuzu_installer.log (48.7 KB)

The installer shouldn’t need to be run as admin, but do one for testing and report back.

By using run as admin while launching the app with the shortcut that failed before, it worked. Yuzu even updated to 182 but the shortcut disappeared from the desktop after clicking on it. Weird?!

Could you solve it? I’m having the same issue…

I just tried to update again with the maintenance tool and it would still give me an error. I was 198 and now 200 is out. But it seems like it’s working now. I deleted everything in the appdata/local/yuzu folder. Do NOT uninstall anything. Then go to yuzu website and download the windows installer. Then run it. Select install early access if you’re a supporter and check the create desktop icon box if it’s not. Then run the shortcut on the desktop. It just worked for me the app launches and check for update automatically now. The Shortcut did not disappeared this time and it was already run as admin.

Made an account to say, thank you this works and saved me 10+ hours!