Unknown Error - OpenGL 3.3 Error

Hi there,

Just trying to run Pokemon on Citra and when i load the file comes up with - Unknown Error - if i use the Bleeding Edge Build, and comes up with - Your GPU might not support OpenGL 3.3 or isn’t installed - if i use the Nightly Build version.

I’m playing on an Acer Laptop which isn’t really new but my graphic card is a Nvidia Geforce 610M + 1GB which does support OpenGL till 4.5 . I tried to install the newest drivers both through website of Nvidia as well as through Nvidia Geforce Experience.

Any thought on what i can do to fix this?

It says right below the error that citra is trying to run on your laptop integrtated graphics instead of your graphics card. Use the nvidia control panel to force your computer to run it with the preferred graphics device.


We should probably include which graphics interface VideoCore tried to use in the messagebox!

@TheKoopaKingdom May want to look to see if this is feasible.

Working! Thanks a lot!

Might want to describe exactly how you fixed it so others who have this issue will be to fix theirs as well.


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Hi, I have opengl 4.4 what should I do to fix this problem ? How can I use my GTX 1060 with citra ??

Thank you

Citra requires that you have OpenGL 3.3+. Which means that your GPU is supported. If you’re encountering issues with running Citra, please create a separate topic for your issues and we’ll assist you further.