Unusual fps drops

When i run pokemon omega ruby it always uses 25% out of my cpu and 25%ish of my ram when i look up the performance on task manager. if the game uses so little ram and cpu i wonder why there is still the lagg. do even the best computers lagg due to an unperfected emulator?

citra is not optimized , slowdowns are expected

is it impossible to run the pokemon games at 80-100% speed at this current time until the emulator is fully optmized. assuming you have the best computer?

no it is possible , i can run moon and omega ruby at 100% speed in most areas but it still heavily drops in outdoor areas (a lot of objects to draw in cities…etc), goes to as low as about 65% at most, this is mostly achieved with beefy cpus that are fast in single core performance. also varies with games since some games runs at 5 fps regardless of your cpu power.

yeah i was thinking the cpu is the prime determinant of the speed factor. my computer specs are:
amd fx 4300 quad dual core 3.8 Ghz
8 gb ram
radeom rx 460 graphics
i plan on uwpgrading my cpu to the best compatible version.
at the end of the day when your computer has sufficient resources, isnt the power of the cpu the determinant?
i run pokemon oras at 30-100% speed. 30% in open areas and 100% in trainer battles.

*also what should i look for as a sign of a powerful proccessor for emulation? the GHZ? pokemon on the emulator is one of the few games i like and can play with handicap software. So in a sense that i really want to play pokemon through citra. because of my hands I cant use a 3ds and will spend money just for better citra emulation.

  1. Please, just please, don’t buy a CPU just for Citra alone. You can buy a new CPU if it’s just for general upgrading (not for emulation alone). But be aware that Citra is still in it’s early days and isn’t optimized very well. The optimizations could come, but it’s not coming very soon (I’m talking about years here).

  2. Your CPU right now is a AMD FX-4300, which is a terrible CPU for Citra. It scores very low on the single core performance side, which means the only games you can play is the least requiring ones. But here’s the catch: your motherboard has a AM3 socket for CPUs. The highest you can get is a FX-8320, which is a great CPU for multithreading, but still pretty bad for Citra. You’re locked here. Every CPU for your socket is pretty bad for Citra.

thats the only thing i use my computer for is games with handicap software and pokemon is one of the only two games i can play effectively with this software.

i would buy the cheapest computer that can run a good cpu just for citra if i had the money. a year or two is too long to wait for optimization

unfortunately nothing cheap can run citra in a very good speeds, intel cpus excel in single core performance so your best bet is one of those but you will need something that falls into upper mid to high end range to get some nice speeds and these don’t come cheap

how about the i7 6700k? and i just build my own comp with cheap graphics/ram/MB?

Since you already have a RX 460 and 8 GB DDR3 RAM, I would suggest getting a i3-7100 and a good B250 motherboard that supports DDR3 RAM. Those two combined don’t cost much (I think it’s even cheaper than the i7-7700) and it would be enough to get very good framerates on Citra.

For comparison, my i3-6100 gets nearly full speed everywhere in any Pokemon game. The i3-7100 performs even better.

Thanks a lot mate. do you mind if i message you for a few more question hexagon?