Update Functionality Not Working

When the newer builds of Citra brought the auto-update functionality back, I was hoping that it would check for updates. However, several days later, it still does not check online for updates. I tried downloading a more recent build, the second-to-most-recent to be specific, to see if this was patched up. However, I found that it still did not work, even if I knew that a more recent build was released mere hours after the one I was using. Is anyone else facing this issue? What workarounds have people found?

What does the log say when you launch Citra?

Nothing at all. I would have to start a game for it to say anything.

Have you checked “Check for updates on start” in Emulation - Configure?

Weird as it may sound, I cannot find that checkbox.

You sure that you’re running the latest version?

Get the latest installer right here and select which versions of Citra you want to install.

I tried installing the most recent version. All I found is the same exact menu. Also, you specified Emulation > Configure as if there are not seven choices beyond that.

It should be in the General tab, Updates sub-section.

I somehow cannot find the Updates sub-section in the General tab.

Can you try getting the Canary release?

I got the Canary release and the auto-update functionality is there. I wonder why I still cannot find it in Nightly.

It’s because the update functionality was in Bleeding Edge before. Nightly never had the auto-update functionality.

Weird. I remember hearing that the manual download links were put to the side because the single large download button meant that you would no longer have to see when the most recent build was to download it.

Yes, and in the installer you have the option to choose between Nightly and Canary, or select them both.

I am aware. However, what still eludes me is the fact that Canary has an auto-update feature, meaning that you can experience new builds without having to uninstall and reinstall everything, while the same cannot be said for Nightly. Seriously.

okay i AM on the Canary build and it still says it can’t update even when i start as administrator, i just installed the latest build and i can’t find the update checkbox in the whole emulation settings too

You have to use the installer for Citra to automatically update, if you manually download a build it will not work

you guys sure have complicated ways of doing things XD
okay now i used the installer and it is STILL not working. and still no checkbox

you guys sure have complicated ways of doing things XD

but… the download page has one big button that auto-detects your platform >_<
Anyway, it’s probably not working because there hasn’t been an update yet

yeah of course but i wanted to try a lower version to see if it updates correctly and… it does NOT XD thats the problem we are talking about.
i don’t want to download it every time i wanna play something ^^