'Updating Components of Citra' download is too slow

Hi, recently, whenever I open Citra, it always prompt an update which I always did. However, the recent updating speed is too slow. The update file is 44.44 MIB and my internet downloading speed is roughly 178.9 mbps but during the process of downloading the update, it became 200 bytes per seconds and occasionally, 0 bytes. So, gaining 5% of 44.44 MIB takes around 3 hours or so. Is anyone experiencing this as well?

The Citra package that is downloading is this:
Downloading archive “1490citra-windows-mingw-20200419-8014c67.7z” for component Citra Nightly

Hello got the same issue here. I’ve tryied using vpn but no changes at all if some good guys can help with it.