Upgradation for Yuzu and Citra to play Pokemon SwSh

I am planning to upgrade my PC for Pokemon Sword and Shield to play on Yuzu. Tell me which things I need to upgrade:
System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition
  • CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo
  • GPU: Intel® Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation WDDM 1.1)
    Total memory: 1078 MB, Dedicated: 128 MB Shared: 950 MB
    Suggest me best hardware names!
    Will be very thankful to all of you! Also tell price in $ Dollars!

Please Help!!:confused:

…I’ll bite. There’s a number of issues here…

First, the games aren’t even out yet and Yuzu is still in early development. Odds are it’ll get plenty of updates between now and the Pokemon games’ launch dates, so asking this now won’t really get you many good answers.

Second, literally everything you mentioned needs to be upgraded. Core 2 Duo and 1GB RAM? In 2019? I’m shocked you could run Windows 8.1 on those specs. If you’re serious about this (which I highly doubt but eh, I’m bored), you’d be better off buying a brand-new PC, it’d likely be cheaper than upgrading these parts individually.

Third, the price depends on your location. Assuming you’re in the US, it depends on where you get the parts from (retail or online), and prices fluctuate wildly.

Just hold off on doing anything until the games are actually released and see how they run in the actual emulator for the community. By that point, Yuzu will likely be further optimized and you’ll be able to get a decent idea on what kind of hardware you’ll need.

Actually, in our country these things are very expensive to buy for a common man, but thanks!

Ok buddy, your specifications are extremely low and as mentioned above is much cheaper to buy a new pc that upgrade yours, now well to emulate correctly games of that size and thinking about the cheapest configuration, directly would be some ryzen + rx 580, although you should be fine with a budget of 400 usd at least input.

PS: sorry for my bad English