Upside down 3ds?

How can i emulate an upside down 3ds with citra? Need to evolve inkay in USUM

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Note that you might need to change the tilt clamp value in the INI. Just in case you can’t evolve Inkay.

I have no idea what that means. x.x

In case you fail, report on this thread, I’ll tell you then. No need to stuff your brain with info that’s useless for most users.

What if I am on Mobile Citra for Samsung Note 10+
Should I try the same method?

You’re using an unofficial build on android. Citra devs can’t help you on that.

If you’re using the unofficial (Zhang Wei) Citra, while playing go to options and select screen rotation, then play it upside down with the lower screen above, and when your Inlay is close to Level 30 or above if you couldn’t evolve it earlier, and as soon as you level up, it’ll evolve into Malamar.

Hello! The right-click thing does not work for me, so maybe I need to do the clamp thing in the INI whatever that means? I would appreciate the help!