Use keyborad to do twist control

I’m playing warioware gold right now. Is there a way that i can use arrow key to do the twist control. Using mouse is really inaccurate.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

I’m playing with it too, for that you have to hold down the right mouse button and move it. But it is very uncomfortable and makes you angry. In the game you will also have to use the microphone and the problem is that the Citra developers have not yet managed to create the microphone function. is very strange. Developers like Desmume have managed to put the microphone, but Citra’s no. I hope that in the future they will do something about this problem.

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Motion sensor emulation needs some more adjustments (redesign probably), its merely there for functionality but it doesn’t satisfy all the possible uses that many games expect or requires. even if there was a keyboard config it may not work as expected.

You can modify the sensitivity in the qt-config.ini file. Assuming you’re on Windows, it should be located at %AppData%\Citra\config\qt-config.ini. There should be a line like this motion_device="engine:motion_emu,update_period:100,sensitivity:0.01,tilt_clamp:90.0". You will need to play around with the value for sensitivity.

Edit: You will also need to change true to false in this line motion_device\default=true.

What adjustments are you thinking of?

well, the current motion sensor code tries to be accurate in the way it imitates the real motion sensor, cemu does something similar, which translates to impractical ways in which one can use with a mouse or keyboard as op wanted to use. if were to use with a smartphone or a joystick that also has motion sensors that would work just fine i guess, but for mouse and keyboard an 1:1 ‘flat translation’ of each ‘motion axis’ would theoretically work better. i’m not exactly suggesting a change but rather addressing that the current probably won’t by practical for mouse or keyboard.

That doesn’t work .using mouse for motion control is really hard to play the game. How can i use the keyboard to do motion control?

Make sure you change true to false in this line motion_device\default=true and use a lower value for sensitivity.

Mouse movement is not the best solution for motion controls. It should be enough for basic motion controls. The better solution would be for someone to implement motion controls with a controller like Dualshock 4 or Switch Pro controller.

You can’t use a keyboard for it currently.