Use phone to play on my pc/tv screen?

I know I have already posted today about MGS3 but here’s a new idea since I saw the app apparently runs well even on fairly older phones so my galaxy s9 or s10 should be fine right? Is it possible to send what you are playing from your phone to your pc using this?

Because Citra doesn’t jell well with AMD cards, I just bought a new pc that has
, Intel Core i7-10700 Prosessor, Tray
And I’m not about to get an nvidia card just to play MGS3 3D on my pc, even though I badly want to play it.

So if I can play it on my phone, send the signal to my pc, use the Bluetooth in my ps4 controller and either be able to split the screen so that the game runs on my tv, while the second screen is on my phone. Or if split screen isn’t possible. I can run large screen with the touch screen on the side as the little screen on the side that would be fine too as long as I can hide all the inputs and just use my controller for gameplay. And use the touch screen as input for changing camo and that sorta thing.

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