User file lost - help needed

I updated my citra using the installer of the latest bleeding edge build today( thought it would work)
After the installation, my old user file(among with all my save files) was gone.
Is there any way to recover my user file?

System Information

  • Operating System: windows10

This might help:

I cannot find my old user file in appdata.
Thanks for your help though.

In testing I’ve also encountered this issue. For some reason it deletes the pre-existing app-x.x.x folder in place of it’s own. I guess someone on the Citra team decided it was okey to do this now that the location changed 5 months back.

I don’t think you can recover the files anywhere from Windows, but they should be recoverable by a 3rd party data recovery program. In fact, I know they are as that’s what I just did (while writing this). Their’s plenty online, pick and choose your favorite by doing a little Google-fu. I ended up using EaseUS Data Recovery and it found the folder during a “Deep Scan”. All the files inside the folder was recovered fully too which is great.

When you’re done recovering the files make sure you move them to the new location by following the guide Hexagon12 linked to above. Happy gaming :smile:

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Thanks - I will try it out now.

I managed to recover my save files, but they were corrupted.
My game simply ignores them.
Progress wipe Feelsbadman

This wasn’t intentional. It’s a bug/flaw in the installer framework we use for bleeding edge, and I heard it’s not easy to fix. I think there were plans to change it because of this, but I don’t know if that went anywhere. Sorry for the lost progress. :frowning:

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Thanks for the solution, what was the folder called

This topic is about Bleeding Edge, which is obsolete in favor of Canary. Bleeding Edge uses a different directory structure than Canary due to using a different installer framework. If you’re having a problem with save data loss with Canary, I’d make a separate thread.