Very slow performance

Every game i play on citra bleeding edge 452 is very slow 25% performance i configured everything properly yet my game is still lagging.I usually play pokemon super mystery dungeon but it is so slow im getting bored. Plz tell me what to do i still think citra is great.

System Information

  • Operating System: windows
  • CPU: vaio

windows home 10
intel® core™ i7-3537U CPU @2.00GHz
64 bit operating system *64-based processor


Can post you specs.Btw citra is still very unoptimized so your going to have to wait.

im using HEAD-5272a29

I meant your pc specs.

While useful, those are not system specs…

Citra is currently in very early stages of development. Games usually run less than full-speed even on the best computers. Expect bugs and glitches to appear in most games. Many features found in more mature emulators are still in the works.

Can you post your pc specs im curious.

updated my specs plz check

Your CPU is way too slow on the single core performance side to play more intensive games, such as Pokemon.

You have to wait for further optimizations on Citra.

thankyou for the info but it did not help to solve my problem

Can you estimate how long i have to wait?

There is no estimated time, you just need to wait.

ok thanks i really appreciate ur feedback, could u plz notify me when citra is optimized for me?

there is no optimization for a specific hardware setup, also it will take a very long time (something measured in years possibly)

guess ill just have to buy another laptop, thanks anyways

No. Buy a 3DS because it is faster and cheaper than buy another laptop. NONSENSE. Citra can be for a long time… even years to improvement the games speed. Buy a 3DS, really. :slight_smile:

im having same problem…game works at maximum 50% speed and even my laptop is gaming laptop

Common issue with Nvida GPUs, simply turn off Battery Boost in GeForce Experience:

And also set Power management mode to Prefer maximum performance in Nvidia Control Panel.

When I play some games, it’s on no more than 15% speed or maybe even no more than 2% sometimes!

citra_log.txt (102.8 KB)