Video_Core error

Can you try the Canary version and see if it works better?

hello, same

Can you try going into Emulation - Configure - Graphics and setting the Shader Emulation to CPU?

Also, let me inform you that your GPU is pretty old and may just have issues because of it’s age. I would suggest upgrading your GPU as fast as possible.

ok but the shader is already enable

That doesn’t look like the Graphics tab from Canary? It should look like this:

I guess you went back to Nightly :stuck_out_tongue:

oh sorry

if i set backend on software, the game start but at 2% speed

No need to do that, only set Shader Emulation to CPU.

if i set shader emulation to cpu, when i start a game, citra close

Can you try updating your drivers to the Beta ones?

yes, i make a save of my pc and i try this

with the update i have 4% speed

Does it now work with either the CPU or GPU modes in OpenGL backend?

With CPU the game as 8% speedy and 3fps

And what with GPU mode?

With GPU 15% speed and 4fps

Your GPU is too old for Citra. You will have to buy a new GPU.

ok thanks for your help