Virus/Malware Infections Affecting Desktop Performance - Need Help!

Hey Everyone

I’m facing a serious issue with my ThinkStation P360 Ultra (Intel) Workstation desktop computer. It seems to be infected with viruses or malware that are significantly impacting its performance. I’m reaching out to this community to seek some guidance and advice on how to tackle this situation.

Problem: Over the past few days, I’ve noticed a drastic slowdown in the overall performance of my link removed by moderator computer. Programs are taking forever to open, and even simple tasks are becoming a real struggle. This has me concerned that my system might be infected with viruses or malware.


1.Sluggish Behavior: The computer is running much slower than usual, which is making it difficult to work efficiently.
2.Pop-ups and Strange Behavior: I’ve been experiencing occasional pop-up ads even when I’m not using a web browser, which seems suspicious.
3.Anti-Virus Alerts: My anti-virus software has been giving me alerts about potential threats, even though I’ve been careful with my online activities.
4.Unusual Network Activity: I’ve noticed unusual network activity on my computer, even when I’m not actively using the internet.

One specific concern I have is whether this virus or malware could affect my Twitter app or account. I use the Twitter app frequently on this desktop to manage my account and connect with others. Could this malware somehow compromise my Twitter account or spread to other devices through it?

Thanks in advance for your help

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