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Well, Im starting to play The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and every thing is great…but the fact that the game is tearing all the time really boders me :c So, this situation makes me ask.
How can I turn on Vsync? ;-;

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There is no v-sync option currently

Oh, that`s really sad D:
thank u anyway :b

You can turn on vsync but not using the GUI.

Open file %APPDATA%\Roaming\Citra\config\qt-config.ini

Look for section [Renderer], delete line vsync_enabled\default=true and change line vsync_enabled=false to vsync_enabled=true

WARNING: vsync is broken for many people. Framerate drops considerably. It’s not because you have a crappy graphic card, mine is fine. It’s not because your CPU is slow, check task manager and you will see it below 50%. It’s something Citra is doing.

Tip: For some reason that I cannot explain, if you have a NVidia GPU, when you enable vsync you eliminate screen tearing but framerate drops as expected. But… if you use NVidia control panel to override application settings, and select performance or performance/quality, Citra suddenly is super fast, and you can have vsync and a tearing free experience.

I don’t know why, but if you select “let application decide” in NVidia control panel, Citra is super slow. But if you override application settings, Citra works fine, and with vsync. Tearing was making me crazy.

Note that you need to do three things, for NVidia. Use qt-config.ini to eliminate the default line and change to true the other line, and finally set to Performance or Performance/Quality in NVidia control panel. Or you eliminate tearing but have unacceptable performance. And the last doesn’t do anything with tearing, just improves performance.