Vulkan api in the near future?

I have seen that yuzu will have Vulkan soon. In Citra there are games that have problems with my AMD RX580 like A Link Between Worlds and Mario 3D Land. This is due to the poor OpenGL api in Windows.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Vulkan is very unlikely to come to Citra, because rewriting all our code to use it would have very little benefit in most cases, and would actually slow several processes further down. Combined with the fact that none of our current devs are familiar with vulkan, there would be no gain at all in rewriting all of citra to use it, to say nothing of api specific bugs. What you can do is lodge a complaint to AMD’s customer service about the problems you have because of their OpenGL drivers. Until enough customers complain to them about the shoddy drivers they produce, they won’t change their behaviour.

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen. AMD actually already fixed their OpenGL support to nearly Nvidia levels about 4 months ago. I know what you’re gonna say “then why do I still get asked this question” because AMD only pushed the update for their Navi GPUs. Polaris will not get the updated OpenGL support.

I don’t blame you though for not knowing Vulkan though. It is basically the newest API only beaten out by Intel’s One API. Both being royalty free, but considering how recent they were made, very few people know either of them. Though Vulkan has surged in popularity in the past year as it is technically superior to even DX11 and back to back comparisons of DX12 seem to put Vulkan on top as well. Plus Vulkan has better support for higher core count CPUs making it probably a better choice in the future. Not saying you should learn Vulkan and have to rewrite the entire program in it, just saying it will likely be important to learn for future endeavors.

Here is a couple of comments by Henrik Rydgård, author of PPSSPP in the recent AMA:

“Steep, steep learning curve” :slight_smile: it would be nice to have long term.

But yeah it’s not Citra but it gives some insight for Vulkan.

There is another option for us AMD users and although far from perfect, it makes Citra “playable”. Install your favorite version of Linux, use the default Mesa drivers, NOT AMDGPUPRO drivers!!! Install Citra through the Software Manager of your choice, I prefer Flatpak’s or SnapCraft Paks personally. I’m running an AMD FX-8320, AMD Radeon RX470 DCUII 4gb, 12gb DDR3, 5400rpm HDD, Kubuntu 19.10. So far, everything works great, frame rates are “ok” but far better than your experience in Windows will be and like I said, it’s quite playable. Try it out, a Link Between Worlds is loads of fun on Citra!!!
One thing I’d like to question the Citra Team on however is if Yuzu has Vulkan API in Patreon already and built from Citra code or is it the other way around? Anyways, why would it be so difficult to port Vulkan from one emulator to the other? Just curious. :smiley:

Well the most great benefit would be in $$$ for you because no ati user is crazy enough to pay the patreon for something they are not going to be able to use, and you have lost countless of patreons due to this, and since you turned more into android support which will never prove real benefits in that matter, (let’s be honest no android user is going to pay you, they are used to not pay for anything) i think you should really maybe i don’t know, stop the stubbornness of turning your heads into vulkan, and start realizing you NEED it as much as the users asking for it.

I don’t know where this profit perspective is coming from lmao. Citra has never been about raking in the cash. It was a passion project. The devs at the time chose opengl. There currently aren’t enough devs interested enough in getting vulkan to work. Claiming there’d be monetary gain if they did isn’t likely to motivate them into developing a vulkan back-end.
Then again, if you’re keen, you’re free to contribute yourself to the vulkan back-end.

I am not saying the profit would be even only personal, it could be even on benefiting the project itself, have more machines to test, who knows, honestly, the argument that money isn’t everything to try to dismiss a valid point is very burned right now, if they do not care about the money “at all” why make a patreon? and i am not saying it is wrong, you are saying it and that so wrong, by contrary to me it is totally ok to have a patreon actually it is the way to go, it is fair for their work, but is also fair to look and listen at people that could become a patreon if cared, i would be one myself the ++ patreon account actually is very cheap only 25 i could even pay it today but… i am not going to patreon something in which my opinion do not count at all, and that is also fair.

Your “valid point” was this: Because vulkan support would supposedly attract more patreon supporters and android users supposedly wouldn’t be as likely to pay for patreon as much, the devs should “stop being stubborn” and just start learning vulkan.
Which means you believe the motivation from developers should be patreon money.
I explained how your argument doesn’t make sense as the developers never started this to rake in cash. Nor did they develop/implement new features on a profit-benefit based model. They simply worked on what they wanted to work on. Because like I already told you, this is a passion project.

Patreon money is appreciated, both to keep the servers up and purchasing test devices. But they don’t need it in the same way you claimed they do. Ofcourse you are free to donate or not to donate to citra’s patreon for your own reasons.

Supposedly not, it would, that is a fact even if it is just me, because i would pay i have many other patreons like launchbox for example then it is a fact, it would atract more people, of course they are free to do as as they WANT in the end, who is pointing guns here? nobody, did i said it was mandatory? never, what does not make sense is that you underestimate the power of money and then in the very same “argument” say “it is aprreciated”, then it is not because by logic, the science of course “logos” not the people “empiric understading” of things, two things can not be and not be at the same time, so, if patreon is appreciated then money is DO NEEDED, and if you speak for all the devs of the project, fine, i did not knew you owned the whole project, and that you were the official spoke person of the project, so if the official statement is we don’t care about patreon, we are never going to consider vulkan because simply is “not wanted” (keen eye here, not valid point anywhere just “not wanted”) then fine, end of discussion.

Citra is a volunteer-based project and developers choose what they would like to invest their time in. No one is currently interested in implementing a full Vulkan backend. The Patreon is purely for donations to the project, and for users to show their appreciation to the developers.

Most of our developers aren’t motivated by money to implement features they don’t want to work on, and you severely underestimate the time and complexity of implementing a Vulkan backend. I apologize if you’re an AMD user who is currently experiencing issues with Citra, but we have no plans to implement this in the near future.