Vulkan: Graphics card is not displayed

Hello, I have a problem with the Yuzu emulator. A few hours ago I was able to set the API to Vulkan in the graphics settings and my GPU was then also displayed under “Devices”. But now it doesn’t work. I can still select Vulkan, but my GPU no longer shows up under Devices. I have already updated ALL drivers (integrated GPU, normal GPU, Windows etc.) and still I cannot select my GPU.

P.S. I installed and started No Mans Sky, but the game had no problems even though it works with Vulkan.

yuzu_log.txt (5.0 KB)

LapTop: Acer Nitro 5
GPU: RTX 3060 6GB
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600H
Windows 10

Windows 10 and 11 love to revert AMD GPU drivers to their arbitrary “better” outdated version at random.
Update the driver of the integrated Vega and it will be fixed:

Thank you! Now it works!

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