Vulkan on Yuzu doesn't work on my vega 8

Well, I have a notebook with ryzen 5 vega 8 (6 GB RAM/2 GB VRAM), and I know, it isn’t that good. So, I saw some videos that were said that vulkan works better on the AMD GPU, so I decided to give it a try, but it didn’t work, heres the message of the error: “An error occurred initializing the video core”, I have searched what could I do, but nothing did help, so here I am.

I am currently on Yuzu 799 and all my drivers are up-to-date.
Heres the log: yuzu_log.txt (13.8 KB)

Don’t rely on Windows update for driver updates, it loves to install old ones, and even revert previously installed newer ones.
Here, do a manual install: