Want to know what my citra versions are

So I’m using citra but I am not sure which one I’m using since I downloaded it from somewhere. Not even sure if its the official one(hope it is though)

They are

The former one has multiplayer so if its not official, can I play it with people running the official one?
Thing is citra I downloaded from the site was very slow but these are fast. In fact, faster than 100% without limiting framerate for even USUM so I was thinking if it was official.

Also, are there any thread for people who joins up for multiplayer?

Both of these builds you listed are unofficial.

For multiplayer, get the latest Canary build with the installer from citra-emu.org/download

the latest canary has a massive speed boost (for me at least), try it instead of the unofficial ones.


Anything written before the version number means that the build is unofficial. The official ones only have the version number.