WarioWare Gold HD Textures (waifu2x)

So I decided to make a texture pack for WarioWare Gold because I didn’t see any.

All I actually did was that I dumped a bunch of textures an then upscaled them with waifu2x.
You can see some screenshots below.


Download link:
Google Drive

Hi, loved the screenshots, but the link is off, it tells me that the url don’t exist in the google server, can u reupload? thank u so much!

Oh, sorry, I think I lost all the assets, can’t find them anywhere. :frowning:

Sorry for such a late response, but I downloaded the pack before the old file got deleted. Here’s a re-uploaded version: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CbWvaX5SahvpE--CD7JNqqa-BddHHrJM?usp=sharing

whoa, thank you so much!

Will you soon do sprite dumps from this game? And also a Rhythm Heaven Megamix Texture Dump if you have the game?