Warioware gold tilt problems

So, i finnaly got to play warioware gold. But i have a problem. Tilt controls. I tried everything i could. Holding right click and moving the mouse dont work. Thanks

I believe there are only 2 cases in which tilt controls are needed: the level completion award and the tilt league. For the level completion award, you only need to hold right mouse button, and move it randomly as long as it stays within the touchpad screen. I have tested the tilt league, and as it only needs you to tilt left and right, all you must do is hold the right mouse button, and move the mouse to tilt it, and it must be inside the touchpad window. I would suggest to do this with a mouse.
edit: Have you tried going into Emulation > Configure… > Controls > Input > Motion / Touch… then setting the Motion provider to Mouse (Right Click)? I would expect RMB to be the default.

Thanks. But is it possible to map it to keyboard?

nope you can only use mouse or cemuhook for motion control…

Oh i see. When i use the mouse i dont get where to move it. How does it work? I just move it in a random direction and it tilts left.

Right click your mouse And move it…

hey guys im playing wario ware gold. i did the mash league and the touch laeauge, but only for me was the twist leauge. i set the motion to input right click and then everything was still fine. expect the sensivity is set to 7. and my hardest boss was the car game. wanna know why? because every time i right click.
the car goes driffrent direction. and its so hard to control the boss game. does somebody know how to fix this?