WarioWare Gold's Twist League is almost impossible

WarioWare Gold’s Twist League is next to impossible when it comes to rotating & using the gyro controls (with a mouse). If you could, please add keybindings to the motion controls like D to rotate right, or like W to point down.

System Information

  • Operating System: Macbook Pro (10.14.2)
  • CPU: (not needed)
  • GPU: (not needed)
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Nightly 1225
  • Game: WarioWare Gold

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three things:

  1. motion is done through a 6 axis sensor on the 3ds, so theres 3 sensors for the accelerometer and 3 sensors for the gyro sensor. so are you saying we should have 6 keybindings for this? To make that more complicated, you end up with 12 bindings (one for positive direction and one for negative direction for each) and thats just the tip of the iceburg. Tilting and shaking usually goes over time, so we should also allow people to configure the rate of change as well, sensitivity if you will.
    if you want less keybindings, then we’d need to do something like the mouse control, where we interpolate data from time spent holding down the key and a general idea of “tilt towards” “tilt away” “tilt counterclockwise” “tilt clockwise” and also “shake up/down” “shake left/right” “shake forward/back”. which once again is a ton of keybindings, but its not like we can know what the game will expect.
    summary: when you say rotate its actually way more complicated than just “rotate right” (does that mean rotate along the up/down axis or the front/back axis) or “point down” (is pointing the screen down or pointing the screen up? either way you’d need a different binding for both)

  2. maybe a good solution for a dev to do: one thing that makes it so wonky is theres no visual feedback of how much the mouse tilt does or where you are tilting. so to make the mouse tilt useful, we could draw a simple 3d model of a 3ds wireframe and show you how its tilting when you move the mouse. this sorta feedback should be enough to make the mouse useful, but this requires a dev to add, something i’m guessing you can’t really do.

  3. probably best solution for you: using the cemuhookudp provider for motion controls, you can use a controller like switch pro, ds4, or even an android phone as a source for motion data. this is much much easier to do than use the mouse for just about everything, so i recommend going that route. theres a link to the guide in the controller settings for Touch/Motion provider.

  1. i’m ok with the max amount of keybindings, and sensitivity isn’t necessary (for me).
    rotate right, point down
  2. yes please
  3. ill try