Way to dummy out/ignore NG bag word list?

In the currents state many games that require text entry of any kind use the system archive NG bad word list, causing Citra to interupt asking if you want to stop the emulation. However, I haven’t found any game that actually cares for it and all of them just continues running when it’s missing. Better yet: it completely skips checking for “bad words” so you can just enter whatever you want. which nicely gets around those situations where the game sees those “bad words” in things that really aren’t (or in the cases you just want to put your immature humor in your cute Pokemon games).

So is there a way to make Citra not interupt whenever a game needs it?

And before someone asks, yes, I do have the system archives. I just prefer to not have games curate text I enter in an entirely offline game.

It’s simply best practice to have the bad word list present. Missing a system file could mess with the accuracy of emulation. Having the ability to disable the dialogs for system files is a slippery slope, because it’s hard to say which ones are unimportant.

Simply ignore the dialog box that pops up. Job done.