Weird Font Issues

Weird Font Issues:
Some games have low resolution fonts or completely unreadable fonts.
The best example is Rune Factory 4. The font is so garbled that certain letters are cut in half. Oddly enough it only affects lower case letters. Upper case letters are completely fine.

System Information

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (295.4 KB)

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

This could possibly be an issue with the open source system font implementation
dump your system archives:

@B3n30 possible font issue.

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The low resolution texts is because it doesn’t scale with the internal resolution. This is how it’s been with emulators that scale. Look at PPSSPP and you will see how low resolution the texts are.

As for the cut off text. Normally users are required to dump the shared font from their 3DS but recently an open source replacement was added. The thing is that it may not work correctly all the time like in your example but it should be enough to play the game. The line in the log that indicates this is:

[1496.280811] Service.FS <Warning> core/file_sys/archive_ncch.cpp:OpenFile:123: Shared Font file missing. Loading open source replacement from memory

Thank you both for the help, guess I’ll have to dig up my 3ds from whereever it has disappeared to then.

Edit: Yep, that did the trick, should have done that from the start.

Is there any way to dump without the 3ds console?

hello, i’m having the same issue as well as topic creator had, but i cant seems to understand how dumb file font thing to work. Pls i need more easier explanation