Weird performances in various games

I’ve got “low” performances despite my strong cpu:
Hello I recently tested some games on citra to see if they were playable but no matter the game i can’t get more than 21 fps (except in the menu or in cutscenes). I’m not aware of the average performances of my cpu on citra so my question is: Is that normal or do I have a problem?

System Information

  • Operating System: windows 10
  • CPU: i7 3770k 4.4 GHz
  • GPU: nvidia 1080ti
  • Citra Version: 21204ba (but I’ve also tested with other versions and with bleeding edge)
  • Game: It’s the same with all the games I’ve played (pokemon sun and ORAS, professor layton and the miracle mask, Fantasy life,…)

I configure citra to show only critical message and the only line that I get is:

[ 0.000000] HW.GPU core\hw\gpu.cpp:MemoryFill:87: invalid end address 0x10B00000

Citra is still in early development so you can expect games to be slow. You’ll want a CPU with high single core performance to use with Citra. Also you shouldn’t change the log filter at all when reporting issues.