What are the allowed dimensions for posting screenshots to the Compatibility List?

In the CONTRIBUTING.md file of the Citra games wiki, it says screenshots should be of “Smallest window size.”

What does that mean? I’ve checked screenshots of other games and they all seemed to have dimensions of 400 x 480 pixels. The screenshot I uploaded only managed to pass validation at the above mentioned size. Is 400 x 480 the upper most limit for uploading screenshots or is 400 x 480 the exact required size for screenshots?

It means that Citra’s window shouldn’t be maximized at all.

It’s the exact required size. 400 x 480 is the exact native resolution of both 3DS screens.

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Sorry for not creating a separate topic to ask this, but the wiki page for Attack of Friday Monsters is not redirected to the correct page. The incorrect link is :


It should be redirecting to this page :


The issue is actually that the wiki page name was wrong. It should match the game directory name (more info on that here), but in this case it had an “!”. Fixed it.

I see, thank you. The link now works but I noticed that below the first paragraph, it says null instead of showing the summary.

I have another question : The game has choppy and slow FMVs (runs at 40% speed on my rig) so when I report the compatibility for the game, should I use Perfect or Great? The game runs at full speed other than the FMVs and I’ve finished a full playthrough on Citra.

I would see if that issue persists the next time the site is rebuilt.

Speed should never be taken into account when reporting game compatibility.