What are the reasons that Citra is unable to run on 32 bit?

I heard that Citra is impossible to run on 32 bit. Someone said that it was impossible to do all the rendering math. But why ?

The main reason is that 32-bit computers are outdated / too weak and not a lot of people are using 32-bit anymore.

There was a official Citra 32-bit version, but it’s from 2015-2016 and lacks a lot of crucial features.

Use the search function next time, this has been answered repeatedly.

32-bit platforms are not supported because it is too much effort to support, and 32-bit platforms are too old to run Citra well anyway. If it was to run on 32-bit platforms, you would need a new DynARMic backend, as well as patches all over the place. Not fun.

Thanks for telling me. Btw, i DID use the search.

fyi citra never officially supported 32 bit. it was always written to be portable, but a 32 bit build was never released because everyone knew that when someone wrote a JIT, it would be too much work to support 32 bit platforms. several thousands of man hours went into writing the JIT for 64bit, and putting that effort in just to support 32 bit OSes just isn’t worth it.

a few people really wanted 3 2bit citra a long time ago and compiled it for 32 bit and passed the builds around, but we’ve never officially supported it because we knew it won’t ever be fast on 32 bit (unless someone puts in the effort to support it)


Ok… I did a little bit of researching & DID get a unofficial 32 bit, but as u said, it didn’t even run on @5 % speed. :sweat_smile: