What can speed up citra in the future

I was wondering what kind of changes will speed it up and what has caused the slowdowns(in detail)

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i’m also interested about that.
maybe the path forward for pull 3499
will improve performance?

I wouldn’t hold my breath for detailed answers here :sweat_smile:
Explaining complex subjects in detail takes time and even more so describing them in a way most people would understand.
This question might be more appropriate to be handeld in a blog post if some current developers want to give insights and describing what they are working on and what ideas they have or could be employed in the future.

Besides taking the time to explain the topics, sometimes it isn’t desired by some developers to give too much insights at least for forward looking ideas which might not work out or get into a freeze state for many months because of other priorities.

User expectations can be unfavorable but that depends on the viewpoint of each person.
I guess sometimes it can be annoying when in forums topics are cropping up up like “well what happened with feature XYZ?”, “Wow it’s been 7 months and there was no progress stated anymore, is it death?”, “Hey I wanted to ask if you still working on XYZ?”.
And like the support threads with missing OGL 3.3 functionality, it might come up over and over and over again.

Some developers for example seem to be annoyed by the notion of “Vulkan support when?”.
Which could improve performance because it gives direct control over command-buffer submission, resource transitions and so on but it needs a lot of expertise and man hours to get right and you can also get much better results with current OGL render infrastructure.

Personally I would be also very interested in getting at least insights in the current performance profile for various points.
Like Video-Files are currently very slow, I’ve read the explanation from one developer that it’s limited by the memory access the CPU JIT currently achieves and could be improved but someone simply needs to get the time for it.
Another topic would be shader compiliation issues and what’s the current outlook.
As of today it can freeze up weaker hardware for 1-2 seconds while they still achieve full speed emulation or even much more than that.


For technical details, you might want to ask in #citra-general on Discord. If a developer has free time, usually they are more than happy to explain stuff.