What is best citra build now or ever?

Till now February, 2018 which is the best official CITRA build playable on PC. I have gone through a lot of people mentioning a lot of builds and stuffs about CITRA. So I really wanna know which is the best citra build So I can use it too.

We only provide support for the builds downloaded from the official site, preferably recent ones.

It says in the link page, that support is provided only for nightly and not for Canary. So is it OK if I Download the Canary? Also which one runs at a faster FPS?Nightly or Canary? And will it work on a Windows 10 Home,
GPU: GTX 1050 DDR5
Intel Core i7 (7t gen) CPU,
Without much lagg or slow speed? Thanks

Canary is faster but if you’re having bugs or glitches, you should test again with nightly.

Those are pretty good specs but it depends upon the game you are playing.

I’m planning to Dump Ultra Sun or moon from friend’s 3ds and play on my PC…? We tried in his PC with nightly or something, it was a but slow with 70% or something…his specs were a but higher than mine with GTX 1050ti so…I really need to use a build which works fast.

You can try the Canary version. It’ll be faster. You’ll get a nice speed boost (~85%). Download it from the installer. Just put a ✓ on Canary while downloading.

But you should reposting issues only if they occur in Nightly. Also, you’ll have to transfer the save to the 3DS to bypass that Alola Photo Club Scene.

Can you please share me a link so I could download the canary build…also is there any ads and stuffs? I’m having doughts,which is worth buying Pokemon sun or Pokemin Ultra- sun? It will be my first time playing 7th generation pokemon.

Also after downloading either nightly or canary build where do I install it or extract it? Anywher? I got the link from above REPLY. Thanks

Just download the installer, you’ll be fine. Install to default location.