What is the fastest build

Some say its 483 because every build i download just keeps getting slower im currently running canary 605. Thanks for the help.

You can binary-search (bisect) from 408 to latest (canary) but keep in mind the many bug fixes that occur lately, graphics, network, sound etc. you may not be able to play multiplayer among other things.

Any other answers? This doesn’t answer my question?

it kinda does, bisecting from 408 to current 605 canary it’s the easiest way to find a better performing build which can vary from hardware/game.


how’s that? mid way between 408 to 605 is 506, assuming that 506 is faster 605 i just go down, to mid way between 506 and 408, assuming that in each step going down is faster you will get there pretty quickly 457, 432, 420, 414, 411 etc…

now, i’m not considering that an arbitrary build got some update that made it faster say 517, to find such build you would have to test every single build, someone may have used such build and remembers being the fastest he/she tested, but it may have been faster for that person, on a specific game on a specific hardware. not to mention internal resolution, driver version, etc…


Thanks @bio3c i now know

the fastest build for me is always the latest version

that’s not true i can see noticeable performance regressions in newer builds