What is this opengl error?

Any fix to this annoying shit?
Render.OpenGL video_core\renderer_opengl\gl_shader_gen.cpp:GLShader::SampleTexture:222: Using Texture3 without enabling it

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Avoid abusive language. what are your system specs?

intel i3 gtx 1060 windows 10

hello, you even there???

  1. If it’s annoying you that much, turn off the Console Window (Emulation -> Configure -> Debug) and you will never have to look at it again.
  2. What makes you think this is an error? It shouldn’t be something that users be concerned with unless they notice inaccuracies in emulation. The console window is hidden by default so users in general shouldn’t pay much attention to it.

Uh isnt that the point of posting this problem here? Im asking what this is because it is making the game too slow

If you have an issue with a game, please make a detailed report of your System Specs, the game, the issue you experience, your Citra Log file and possibly a screenshot, so we can know in detail what your issue is. It may be something completely different slowing down the game, so please don’t assume.

Thank you in advance, and please don’t act condescendingly towards the moderators, they’re very helpful if you’re polite to them.

It is not really an error and it is not making the game too slow. There are other factors that affect performance like your system specs (a CPU with high single-core performance) and the game itself (not all game will perform the same).