What should I learn to Contribute to Citra?

I badly want to contribute to Citra. Any places I could start? I’m a CS Sophomore atm. I want to know what I should try to learn, or knowledge prerequisites I need to contribute something to Citra? I’m not worried about the time constraints, I will spend how much ever time I can in the best of my abilities to learn as much as possible, and as much as is required to somehow contribute to this emulator. Please do guide me, if possible. :slight_smile: Thank you in advance!

You can absolutely help out!
Take a look at reviewing PRs with meaningful input, watch our development channel too.
We need people also that can write technical articles, wiki, compatdb, etc.


If u meant the real emu core U need to know c++ & a bit of opengl (unless u really wanna work on the video core).

Also, for starts I’ll personally recommend just looking & trying to understand the code. For more details, just read the CONTRIBUTING.MD file.


Thanks! I shall look into the code and the guidelines and get back to you if I do have any queries.