What version of Citra has an "Open Update Data Location" selection?

Hello, I am trying to find out what kind of version Citra needs to be in order to have an “Open Update Data Location” that looks something like this.

But My current version doesn’t seem to have that option. Can someone please let me know which version I need in order to have that? Thanks!

Citra Canary it has it.

Any version works right?

I have the latest version, I don’t know from when was implemented, I didn’t check for this stuff, I played on Yuzu this Year.

aight, thats good enough for me, thanks bud

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ohhh Yuzu is the nintendo switch emulator? that’s p niceee :smiley:

Also, err It seems I cant see it on Canary 1842 either ;-;

I have it on Canary 1842, I get it now the game must have update installed, if not it wont show “Open Update Data Location”.

Ah, I have no idea how to have an update installed ._. But I’ll try to play around with it! Thanks : P