Whats the best OS For Citra

This question is mainly directed to developer and veteran member of citra. i read the minimum req. of citra and it seem to change(grow higher in some). Since this is an open source project a lot of different dev using different os contributing. That said it all boils down to which one is commonly use. This topic aim to be guide for easy comparison in support/performance between os build.
To those who want to answer state your os and then reason for preference/advantages over other os.

Off of the top of my head, the objective pros/cons are:

  • Linux drivers perform differently than their Windows counterparts, for better or worse. AMD in particular works better on Linux right now.
  • Mac used to have some memory leak issues, but I believe they’re fixed and everything should work as expected.

So, aside from some speficic cases, it’s up to personal preference really. There’s also a difference between usage of Citra and development of Citra. Citra’s userbase very largely consists of Windows. As far as developers go though, Linux usage is pretty common, at least more than in the general userbase.

So technically if whe encounter problem linux gets more support. is this why in manual download, linux version comes out first and windows late or is just windows mingw automatic compiler having some problem?

Alright gotta keep that in mind

I don’t think the builds are chronologically ordered, just that Linux is arbitratily first. As for why some versions are missing a Windows build, that’s an issue with Appveyor’s compilation yeah.