What's with the latest version of Bleeding Edge requiring extra files from all games?

Every now and then I test out the latest Bleeding Edge version of Citra just to see if there is any noticeable difference. In the latest version I am unable to load any of my games. I get an error saying extra files need to be dumped. I’m just wondering what’s going on here. I know that some games require extra files to be dumped, but all of my games work on previous versions of Citra without them. What changed in the latest Bleeding Edge that now requires dumped files from all the games I have?


the latest version adds a little code that when the game asks for a system file and the system file is missing, it considers it an error. Previously we just let the game continue running and sometimes the game could recover and other times it would crash. Its still up for debate what the best solution is. Should we force the users to dump their system files if the game asks for it? Or should we let the game continue, which could cause unforeseen problems later during emulation. You must understand that EVERY 3ds has these files so just continuing if the game asks for them and you don’t have them can lead to very surprising results.

What @jroweboy said. But I’d like to add that it’s very hard to tell if a problem is caused by actual bugs in the emulator or due to the missing files.

We often have cases where users report strange issues which cause us to review code and attempt to reproduce the problem. Later we find out it’s a false alarm simply because the users did not dump these required files.

For the future this means: If you get that error you are on your own and we can’t provide help / support for you. The message box will probably changed to allow you to keep the game running at your own risk though (emulation problems might arise).

Perhaps the solution would be to add an option in the settings that allow the game to be run anyway? That would also help with what @JayFoxRox said.

a better solution would be to eliminate the need for these files by creating a homebrew copy of them, but it seems there is no one willing to work on that at the moment.

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Can you elaborate? I don’t quite understand what you are saying, but it seems like the only way to eliminate the need for these files would be to either some how make the games run without needing them, or include them inside of Citra. The latter is not possible due to copyright.

it’s not including these files but rather make a homebrew mimic of them that substitute their job, think of it as the hombrew bios epsxe added back in their 1.9.25 release it is designed to eliminate the need to dump your legal copy of ps1 bios (which very few people did to begin with)

jayfoxrox made a better explanation of it here if you are interested

Neat. Let’s hope they can make this happen lol