When attempting receive from internet in ultra sun city crashes

when in Pokemon ultra moon I attempt to receive mystery gift via infrared in latest canary city crashes

Operating System: macOS

  • CPU: intel core i5 2.5 ghz
  • GPU: intel hd 4000
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): latest canary
  • Game: pokemon ulta moon
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):


Paste your entire console window log here.

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Only local multiplayer is implemented right now.

Features like Mystery Gift require the Nintendo Network, which we don’t have support for.

tho will you at some point?

Citra has to spoof Nintendo’s online services into thinking Citra is a genuine 3DS and will probably involve dumping files from it. Also we don’t know how long again the online service will last. The more probable solution would be to create an open source alternative to the Nintendo Network.

Note that you can inject wonder cards into your save files for Pokemon events using PKHeX.

How would I do that on a computer? I don’t have a 3DS and I looked PKHeX up and I needed Homebrew but isent that only for the DS?

Citra is not capable of this. I’m saying how it will likely be done with Citra and PKHeX is a save editor. There are guides on how to use it which are offtopic here,

If you go to Canary or Edge, if you have the game directory, and hae played the game, then simply right click on save data location and copy that to another folder and edit with pkhex, then export as mainand replace original main. It works fine.