When can we expect Pokemon Sun and Moon to be playable?

Many are very happy to see Citra develop so quickly. It’s amazing what you guys do.

Pokemon SM on PC in 1080p would be a dream come true.

Is it too early to tell, or is it possible to see it happening within months?

it already is a thing, i played and finished the game in citra and many other people on this forum did

I’m using the nightly build, and am having framerate issues outdoors. Let me try again then.
I’m sure an i7 6700HQ is good enough…

Tried it with the latest nightly build. It’s very slow with the default settings.

I have dumped my system archives. Settings are default. Anything else I can try?

read my post here

also supporting the game is different than having it running at full speed, the game boots and it works all the way to post game (well except the champion fight bug but there is a work around that) this means the game works in citra.

low frame rate and optimization is a completely different thing.

Oh I see, my bad. Thanks for the help.

The game is definitely not playable yet, especially if you are used to 60+fps I just can’t get myself to play it lol. I’m hoping the game will be playable 60+ fps by the summer maybe.

People have beaten Sun/Moon in their entirety on Citra, so it is very well classified as “playable.” Also, the speeds you can achieve are entirely dependent on how powerful your computer is, specifically your CPU. It’s safe to say that mediocre to decent hardware (3.3GHz or less) won’t achieve 60fps for quite a while.

well, yea it’s playable if you wanna play the most of the game at half speed :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Citra itself isn’t optimized enough yet, I have a 4770k 4.2ghz, 970 which should be able to run at 60fps which will most likely happen in later builds down the line

Well i’m on a 3570k @ 4.5 ghz and i’m almost full fps outdoors. (45-60 dependant on whats on screen). It would feel so much more playable if it was skipping frames to make up the extra speed or if the audio wouldn’t grind and stutter along as much (time stretched audio would work wonders with this emu and game).

The source code for this is on git hub right? Any objections if I added those 2 things in myself?

Feel free to submit PRs, but please read our developers guidelines and style guide first.

Contributions are welcome, but be aware that frameskipping is considered non-feasible to implement, and trying to speed up the audio by decoupling the mixing from the emulated framerate will not be accepted.

I somehow got out of the loop here, do you still have to have 3 pokemon at most in your team to be able to proceed after defeating the Champion?

From what I know, you must have 3 nicknamed pokemon when defeating the Champion to not blackscreen.

You need atleast 3 nicnamed, and 5 or less pokemon in your team, if you are not completing those conditions, the game will get stuck in blackscreen

Hmm… I did not experienced any blackscreen when I got 5 badges at all. Just some lags very often on my 2.5GHz CPU and people were saying that they were always experiencing blackscreen when they get out of petalburg woods, while mines did not happen at all… So I do not think it will happen to me too a blackscreen when fighting champion without nicknaming.

They are already playable. It is just that the emulator is not perfected yet.An example is that it still has some audio errors and graphical issues.

I’m not saying that, i’m saying that you need in your team, 3 named Pokemon and less than 6 (for example, 5 or less) in your team, or the game will get a blackscreen after winning the league

the game itself it is playable and it can be ended without problems
i play on a FX8320E an a old VGA, so i played between 30-60 outside and 40-60 in battles (except in double ones, i get like 15 fps there)

That is exactly what I thought you said and OK

When I play pokemon sun I don’t get above 10-20 fps… I have a intel i5-6500 3.2 GHz, an EVGA GTX 750 ti FTW, still there are people on youtube with older CPUs but they get really high frame rate. All the drivers are updated, is it a compatibility problem?