When i open pokemon brilliant diamond insta crash

after i will search about it, but if
you can do a call i can share my screen

im tryng since 3 hours

Lack of pagefile set in windows more than likely.

you cant do a discord call? just few minute

No i cannot. It isnt required anyways it is just something you can learn to do on your own.


you are talking about this?

Yes. Set 20 - 25gb there.

It doesnt have to be on your c drive either.

oh you can link the discrod?

Should be on the yuzu website

where i set 20-25?

I have to go and this is taking longer than it should let me just figure out how to upload the pagefile guide.

ok sorry, so i need to upload pagefile?

You set 20gb or 25gb on a drive that has enough free space

Yuzu Emulator | The Complete Guide for MAX Performance - [OUTDATED] - YouTube around 19:09 he explains it.

ok i see that i need to set a nmber of storage, but now i have 0 pagefile

Yes because you didnt click to change it yet from auto… note the gigantic blue arrow in my picture above

is this right

Yes. Since you have no space free on c click your other drive and set it there to 20000 or 25000