When is Citra finally going to get Vulkan?

Now that Ryujinx finally got Vulkan, you are officially the last emulator known on earth, that uses Open GL alone, don’t you think it is finally time to give, grant, admit, recognize and concede that Citra does need Vulkan?

Sure Vulkan would be nice.
We never said that it wouldn’t be a nice feature.
All we ever said about it is that it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to implement and that we don’t really have any active devs that have any experience with it. This still stands.

So maybe instead of creating unnecessary posts like this, try thinking about contributing towards that goal. Citra is open source so anybody can open up a pull request to make Vulkan happen.

If you’re not knowledgeable enough to do the above, that’s fine. But there’s no need to create topics like these to pressure devs that are already well aware that it’s a highly requested feature. It helps literally nobody.

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But there’s no need to create topics like these to pressure devs that are already well aware that it’s a highly requested feature.
It helps literally nobody.

Whining about people like this doesn’t help either huehuehue, I dunno you could just archive the thread and mention that It’s on the road map but wasn’t in the priorities yet because of the reason you provided above.

It’s just really funny because of how pathetic this is. a small thread like this doesn’t hurt your server’s bandwidth does it?

I wasn’t aware that what I said would come across as “whining” to others, but given that the user I was responding to has been known to keep asking this in the past, and our more “professional” answers didn’t satisfy them, I thought I’d be a bit more clear. It’s not as if this user is alone in their “whining” about Vulkan support

This has been done in the past, which ends up just resulting in people being salty, saying that we’re censoring their opinions and all that. And a similar post pops up about this on the forums or our discord a week or so later. Given your reaction, it doesn’t really matter how we respond. Either way, people will try to find fault with it :confused:

I never said it did? I just said that posts like these are seen by devs, who can end up getting frustrated at how entitled and ignorant people in our community can be. Which is something I’d like to avoid if possible. If I need to chastise users that do this a bit to stop them from doing this again, so be it.

wow so you called me ignorant, thank you for that, but even so, I made this post in August (and like you stated even further back like years ago I think even 2017 likely) and look at us back in November 2021, with literally nothing new on the subject, so pressure or no pressure a simple, we make the emulator, and we don’t really give a F… about what other people think or ask would be more than enough, don’t you worry about “ignorant” me no more, I will never bother your princesses i mean “devs” again into anything, and you can shovel your emulator up… you know where…

Are you the OP of this topic? The account is different anyways.

In which case, I’m pretty sure I explained why I called you and people who act like you, ignorant and entitled. You demand for a feature to be implemented without knowing even the first thing about how that’s supposed to be done or how much time and effort would need to go in there, both of which would be an absolute huge amount, spanning years of work.

You also completely ignore that this is a volunteer based project that people can only work on in their spare time. If you don’t have graphics devs that are interested and capable of working on a feature in a project like Citra, you can’t expect to see it being implemented any time soon. We told you as such many times already. Yet you kept whining and whining about it regardless of how professionally we responded to you.
So, by all means, feel free to go to and learn how to implement Vulkan yourself. Maybe then you’ll finally get a sense of just how ignorant and entitled your complaining really is.

Though, since we’ve already explained this to you multiple times before, I’m pretty sure this’ll probably just go in one ear and out the other.

just wondering why i can run the citra core in retroarch with vulkan since over a year , and the official emu still don´t have vulkan .

Retroarch doesn’t have Vulkan support, nor is the Citra core there being actively developed, hasn’t been for years (other than a switch port currently). Feel free to look at retroarch’s log file (info filter) to see exactly what API’s “core” its calling for. I can assure you that it will say “OpenGL 3.3”. It makes no difference whether you select Vulkan in the driver settings. It can’t use an API that isn’t implemented.

Not that official Citra on PC is being actively developed anyway. I mean, no offence, guys, but it’s obvious that your priority now is Citra for Android and that’s OK, but you should not lead people out and should just admit that you don’t have people and resources to actively develop both projects simultaneously.

Then you’re misinformed. Not sure where you’re getting that information, but one look at our GitHub page for both projects should disprove that almost immediately.

Since the topic is starting to derail and the original question has been answered (several times already), I’ll be closing the topic.