When is Citra going to get Vulkan support

Vulkan support is what mobile and AMD/Intel Users really need. Dolphin and CEMU have Vulkan support and people run games a lot faster switching to Vulkan on AMD/Intel Users. I have an AMD Rx590 in my PC and I know my CPU is good enough to run it yet the games still run like trash because my GPU isn’t a GTX/RTX graphics card. Mobile users would also benefit from Vulkan compatibility. You can tell me as much as you want about how I should switch to Linux and to which, "fun fact, I have a dual boot setup on my main PC, it’s that my windows boot takes for completely ever to boot up completely and the latest releases of dolphin(which is what I use) don’t have Linux support. You could also bring up WINE and Proton but I’ve had many difficulties with using it in the past from different programs not wanting to start properly or even at all. Yeah, minecraft runs better for me but even that game likes to scream in agony and for some reason, I can’t even use shaders for it.

The question is, when are we getting Vulkan support for Citra or even Yuzu(if it doesn’t have it yet)?

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I have a dual boot setup too and my question is what distro are you using? you say that dolphin (I take that its the emulator and not the filesystem) is not updated but right now I have dolphin 5.0.r13601 installed and the lastest is 5.0.r13603 (as writing this) on windows so… I totally agree with you about vulkan support, but dolphin is suported in linux (at least in my distro wich is manjaro)

Filsystem, XD I mean the file manager

ayo when is vulkan support ever going to come

many emulators like cemu have vulkan support which does improve the performance

i was hoping for vulkan as well for citra

Rejoice: Experimental Vulkan backend by GPUCode · Pull Request #6130 · citra-emu/citra · GitHub

It’s currently still a WIP. But if you wish to help with testing, head on over to our Discord’s Vulkan testing channel: Citra