When is pokemon x and y gonna work

its been a long time since citra is out but i always wanted to play x and y on it but it never works guys cant u do something fast so we could play pokemon x and y ?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Well for a long time they had no idea what the actual problem was, they now know what the problem is and someone is working on it.

Well, can you give any valid reasons for that? Why should the developers do so? You don’t pay the developers, do you? So they have no obligation to work on any feature you want. This is an open source project. Developers work on it in their free time, according to their free will. You should be grateful that they do, and stop asking the same question repeatedly. Do a search on the forum & see why it isn’t working. There are tons of informative posts on this.

There is a Patreon now. We’ve been paying $5, $10, Even $25 to support Citra now. So you guys can improve and fix peoples favorite games they would love to play.

There’s a difference between payment & donation. Also, it’s already been clarified that Patreon support doesn’t mean that the feature with more requests or votes get prioritised.

you are not a developer i admit im not paying but they dont want money they are doing this for people who can’t afford 3ds that is why they are doing this im just highlighting an issue in the one of the most popular game of 3ds if u pay a developer its ok but you can’t say like that

yes im grateful they do im not forcing them to do it right now im just asking them till when the issue is going to be fixed

It’s already been stated that Patreon donations do not effect how the developers of Citra prioritize their efforts, and as a Patreon supporter you’re not given the right to demand a specific function or game be fixed. In time, the game may or may not become playable to your standards, and as such the discussion and forum post are closed.

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