When pokemon x and y will be playable on citra?

When i open pokemon y it shows black screen on intro when pokemon x and y become playable?


A developer was working on this. No one can give ETAs. Please be patient.

For details, see this:

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glad to see this
appreciate your work

yes it’s not like you who can’t do anything or are uselesss

What are you referring to here?

I appreciate citras work but how can I know when pokemon x and y are working

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There will be an annoucement. Most probably on Twitter.

ok thanks for the info

Did x and y got improved or not.?. won’t it be playable within this century??

It won’t be if people keep asking everyday. It only irritates the developers & reduces their motivation.


then how do I motivate the developers

One of the ways is obviously donating to them on Patreon. But it’s really not very effective.

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then is there any other effective way?

Just really wait for it to be ready and check the forums from time to time. There are more and more people like you that want to play it but just wait it out. When it’s ready, they’ll post about it in here.


Actually, I personally don’t believe so. As you know, developers work on Citra in their free time, so there’s really not much to be done about it.

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Why you so stup!d people

Thanks. Dev work is really important and yes we can wait for eternity for Pokémon X & Y. Well right now Pokemon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby, Sun & Moon are doing great. I’m playing with latest nightly build 20180919. Thanks to devs hard work for that.

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Keep your nose out of it or otherwise ill do it again

im not desperate for this game just really curious about it

Please keep it civil guys. Calling people stupid doesn’t help the community, does it?