When pokemon x and y will be playable on citra?


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wwylele sama is helping us get out of this trouble… hopefully he’ll save us as soon as he can


Audio engine for pokemon x is not finished


Help the dev finish it, dont talk about not finished only


Then tell me how to help them


By helping him test & reverse engineer stuff. If you have programming skills, you can contribute to development directly by writing code & sending a PR.


Im just started to study java so it take somw time to me to learn programing


man, whenever pokemon X/Y pops out its alway the source of argument. dont worry guys devs have been improving accuracy of the emulator to make it work exactly like 3ds. how does help? for those who doesn’t know pokemon X/Y uses special audio set that only real 3ds can run, so if they can make citra exactly like the real deal audio fix and etc.(gameshark) they can add it with ease. so lets wait a bit longer


As of yet… DSP LLE would change this.


Now Pokemon x is playable
Thanks for developers


yeah really great work


is pokemon x playable now ???


Install the latest Canary build and install AAC codec plugin https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/wiki/HLE-AAC-Decoder


only on the canary version


i believe its not working on Nightly
but it does work on Canary
give it a try :slight_smile: