When will Pokemon X and Y be playable?

Its 2021.

Pokemon X and Y was released almost 8 years ago.

It still is not perfectly playable.I really love this game.So I want developers attention in this regard.

I’m not sure what you mean, Pokemon X and Y are completely playable from start to finish. They have been for years now. If you’re experiencing an issue that prevents this, please open up a support topic if you haven’t already and fill out the information form.

I have an intel hd graphics 4400 graphics card.Most citra compatible games won’t run correctly on in my gpu.Is there any solution to this problem?
I am not allowed to buy a new gpu.

Please upload a log file: ```

Oh, never mind. I just saw you already opened up a topic. I’ll respond there.

What really troubles you? I’m playing Pokemon Y via Citra Nightly 1716 and… I’m not facing any of possible troubles. My FPS is about 20-30 frames, it mostly depends on the scene being rendered.

My specs:
MacOS 11.4 (hack)
Core i5-5200U
IHD 5500

Even as Windows-host machine, it’s not efficient in gaming needs, but in my case - it’s a hackintosh. This makes most of questions even more troublesome, but still… I play Pokemon Y without any trouble. So what’s up with you?

The user already made another topic listing their system specs and log file. I already responded to them with a suggestion to improve their experience, which they said they would try. Haven’t heard back from them so I’m assuming it fixed their issue.

Thank you for your response.You could refer to this topic.