When will Pokemon xy be playable

When will Pokemon xy be playable

when someone decides to get the game running.

in another word maybe next week, next month, next year…nobody can really tell.

Are you suggesting that no one is working on it ?!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!? :shell_shocked: Also add this emoji if possible.

Most of the developers do not care a bit about Pokemon. X/Y will be fixed when someone wants to fix it - it is a community project.

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Hope someone will one day we just have to wait

But I thought there was a test video on Pokemon x on citra channel on YouTube? Why they stopped?

the video you mention is quite old and a lot has changed since then.

no one stopped anything, the thing is no one is particularly interested in fixing the bug that is causing the crash, eventually the game will be fixed maybe even by accident since sometimes someone fixes things unintentionally while working on completely different things. long story short you just have to wait or feel free to look into fixing it since this is an open source project.

I am not sure, but I think the problem with X/Y is the BGM format.
X/Y has the same file structure of OR/AS, the only difference is
that BGMs are in AIFF format and OR/AS’s are in BCSTM format.
Maybe citra is not supporting the AIFF format and the game hangs
waiting for the music.

considering how the game lacks a lot of audio effects and music, it is highly possible that what you described is the issue.

Is this something easy to fix (or at least check out), or will it take a while?

I highly doubt this is the issue. Sure, there is no audio, because pipe3 and AIFF / AAC support isn’t there.

But wouldn’t the game not even boot if your description of the issue is accurate? There is sound even as soon as you launch the game.

Well isn’t AIFF support important?

i think never.
the team of citra must be try a lot to create the best citra build but that will take tooo much time so we just need to wait and see