Where Can I find Nigtly build version of Citra?

I currently have nightly build 1601 of Citra but the automatic update does’t update to any new version. It is quite strange because I updated Citra some months ago and I suppose that now there is a newer version…Am I right? Where I can find the new Nightly version? It is quite strange that Citra doesn’t automatically update to the new version…
thank you

Nightly 1601 is the latest, it was released only 13 days ago. If you want a more recent version use Canary 1831 which was released 3 days ago.
Select Manual Download on the downloads page to see all the latest releases https://citra-emu.org/download/

ah ok! so probably my brother updated it :slight_smile:
perfect, thank you, I will wait nest nightly version, it doesn’t matter. Many thanks!