Where can we expect for GS Shaders to return?

Just wondering cause its been months since they were last implemented.

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When it’s done, not a single minute before

implementing geometry shaders is a massive undertaking that takes an expert in graphics code to write it for citra. heres the history behind it (as far as I remember it)

a long time ago ds81214 (sorry if i got the numbers in your name wrong) wrote the majority of the code to emulate geometry shaders in citra. but often the last stretch is the most challenging and for some reason that I don’t know, they stopped working on it.

jayfoxrox picked up the work that they did and continued working towards getting it merged into the master branch. at one point, jayfoxrox felt pretty confident that it was ready for citra, and so we put the work into bleeding edge so we can have users test it for any issues. thats why really old bleeding edge builds have geometry shaders. well, like i said before, the last stretch is the most challenging, and jayfoxrox got busy with school and life, and the code eventually became incompatible with citra. When the code is incompatible, it takes a programmer to rework the code to make it compatible again, but jayfoxrox was busy.

recently, jayfoxrox had a little free time and energy, and started working on getting geometry shaders merged once again. He managed to get the first step (out of many) merged into citra, but sadly jayfoxrox got really sick and hasn’t been able to finish it.

and thats where it is today. theres a few other people with the technical knowledge to finish it, but they either don’t have the interest, or don’t have the time to finish the project. Its a lot of work though, and its work that has to be done by a graphics code expert, so not just any one can do it.

it’ll happen eventually, but like lg_0 said. it’ll get merged when its ready.


Thank you for your very detailed reply. As I now realize citra needs even more contributors to speed up its progress.

Not only that, but I’m also busy with other projects + review has shown that the GS is not understood well enough to be implemented. A lot of my code works but it’s based on guesses which have not been confirmed. We need progams to test our theories but I won’t be writing them as it’s a rather large undertaking in itself.


Is a pity cuz i can’t play fe shadows of echos because of the shaders :frowning:

Play on your 3DS or use BE-86.

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My 3ds broke so I can’t play as of now, I am thinking of buying the new 2dsxl

Thanks for all your effort.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I actually just made an account to ask this question. Good thing I browsed the forums first.

I’m currently playing through Pokemon Omega Ruby on Bleeding Edge 86, had to jump through a bunch of threads to find out that the effects did work at some point and what version to use. Unfortunately it randomly crashes which isn’t surprising since it’s hella old.

Now I’m not a programmer by any means, though I wonder why it’s not possible to build around the part that works. Don’t try to merge the old into the new. Just add new things to the part that works and try not to break anything.

Of course none of that may be possible.

since bleeding 86 citra had massive changes to it’s core which lead to GS being incompatible, what ever bases GS had back then now are incompatible with the new version and now GS require a rebase to work with the latest citra build

there are some other other set backs

Would any sort of donation help provide the resources to get shaders running again? Not sure if the email listed on the donation page is the appropriate person to ask.

@GTMoney519 The email listed is the email of the project lead. However, donations won’t accelerate development, as they mainly go to server costs, etc. Since Citra is an open source project, none of the contributors are paid.